Data Usage Calculator

Did you know can save your data by connecting to Wi-Fi? When you connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network the data used does not count against your monthly data plan. Data is unlimited when connected to a Wi-Fi network allowing you to stream videos and music, check email, play games, and browse the internet as much as you want at no additional cost. Learn how to connect your Alltel Wireless phone to Wi-Fi here.


Calculate your monthly data usage below! 

Cellular Wi-Fi

How much of your usage is Wi-Fi?
Photos or Attachments Uploads/Downloads
Turn By Turn
Social media Posts
Web Pages or App Browsing
Streaming Video
Streaming Music
Total Monthly Data Usage
Wi-Fi usage does not count towards your plan's monthly data allowance.
Data usage can vary per device.
Data Usage Examples
1 email (sent or recieved text only) 10 KB 1 standard web page or app browsing 10 KB 1 MB = 1024 KB
1 photos or attachments uploads/downloads 350 KB 1 minute of streaming music 1 MB 1 GB = 1024 MB
1 social media post / status update 350 KB 1 minute of streaming video (standard) 4 MB
1 minute of turn-by-turn navigation 85 KB