Consumer Code



In September 2003, Alltel and other leading members of the wireless industry adopted the CTIA Consumer Code to help make wireless services easier for customers to understand. This Consumer Code supports our continued efforts to help our customers make informed choices when shopping for wireless service.


Adoption of the consumer code reaffirms our commitment to the basic business principles of treating customers with honesty and respect. Wireless customers have a right to know what they are buying, how much it will cost and where it will work. The code ensures consumers have these answers when making decisions to buy wireless service.


CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service


  1. Disclose rates and terms of service to each new customer.
  2. Make available maps at the point of sale and online showing where service is generally available.
  3. Confirm contract terms and charges when a customer renews or upgrades service.
  4. Allow a 14-day trial period for new service.
  5. Provide specific disclosures in advertising regarding material charges and conditions related to advertised prices.
  6. Customers' bills will distinguish between monthly charges for service and taxes and other charges remitted to the federal, state or local governments.
  7. Provide customers the right to terminate service within 14 days after notice of material changes to their service.
  8. Customer service contact information will be provided to customers on-line and on billing statements.
  9. Promptly respond to consumer inquiries and complaints received from government agencies within 30 days.
  10. Comply with state and federal customer privacy laws.