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International Text Messages

Alltel offers a variety of international services to make sure you keep talking and texting wherever you are, all at competitive rates.

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International Calling Rates

Alltel offers a variety of international services to make sure you keep talking and texting wherever you are, all at competitive rates.

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Cruise Ship Roaming

Alltel offers a variety of international services to make sure you keep talking and texting wherever you are, all at competitive rates.

Send a text across the globe for the same price as sending one down the block.

Have friends, family or business associates outside of the United States? International Text Messaging from Alltel makes it easy and affordable to stay in touch. You can send text messages to people on participating carrier networks around the globe for no more than a domestic text.

To send a text message internationally, just create a new message. Then, in the "To:" field, include the number 11, the "+" symbol, the country code for the phone you are trying to reach, the "+" symbol again, and the phone number.

To find the country code for the phone you want to text, download our country code list - PDF (111KB).

Keep in touch across the planet from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Alltel International Dialing makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family and business associates across the globe. You can reach over 200 countries whenever you need, and you only pay for the minutes you use. There's no monthly fee and no activation charge. To activate the International Dialing feature on your Alltel phone, just call 1-866-alltel7. Alltel Prepaid phones are sold with International Dialing already activated, so no additional steps are required.

International Calling Plan for Frequent Callers

Make a lot of international calls? Save big with discounted per minute rates to select countries for just $3.99 per month. To get more information and sign up, call 1-866-alltel7.

How to Place an International Call

Once you have International Dialing activated on your phone, you can place an international call from the U.S. by dialing:

011 + Country Code + City/Area Code (if required) + Local Number.

To reach a mobile phone number in Mexico, include a "1" after the country code:

011 + 52 + 1 + wireless number.

International Calling Rates and Country Codes

Find country codes and calling rates – PDF (35KB)

* Reduced Toll Rate (with $3.99 International Calling Plan feature).

* Reduced Toll Rate not applicable for Prepaid customers.

Offer Conditions

Calls directly from the U.S. to Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other select Caribbean countries may not require the activation of the International Dialing Feature. Calls to Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands are toll-free for customers on National Freedom, Total Freedom, or North American Freedom.

Rates are subject to change without notice and apply to calls dialed directly from your wireless phone. These International Dialing rates apply in addition to roaming/airtime charges per your Calling Plan. Calling to some countries may not be available. Taxes and surcharges not included. Alltel reserves the right to restrict calls to any country at any time without notice, and to suspend or terminate international calling capability without notice.

Standard rates listed are for international calls made from within the United States. Reduced rates associated with the $3.99 feature apply to calls made from within the United States. International calls made from outside of the United States will match the standard toll rates listed but will have a minimum rate of $1.50 per minute (i.e., any country with a rate of $1.50 or more will be billed at the toll rate shown, but any country with a toll rate below $1.50 will be billed $1.50 per minute).

All countries listed for international calling are available to Alltel prepaid customers. Charges will include the standard international rate plus any applicable airtime use charges. Reduced Toll Rate with $3.99 feature is not available for prepaid.

All calls back to the United States will be billed at $.40 per minute (plus applicable roaming airtime charges). Incoming calls received while roaming outside of the U.S. may incur a Call Delivery Charge. The rate of the Call Delivery portion of the call will be identical to the Standard Rate for that country listed above. For example, an incoming call received while roaming in Jamaica would be billed a Call Delivery Charge of $.65 per minute in addition to the roaming rate. Service not available in all countries.

Stay in touch even when you're out at sea.

It's great to get away from it all, but it's important be reachable, too. Cruise Ship Roaming lets you to make and receive roaming calls on your Alltel phone while you're aboard select cruise ships at sea.

Convenient peace of mind

Cruise Ship Roaming allows you to stay available while on vacation, providing peace of mind knowing that friends and family can reach you if needed.

More affordable than ship-based satellite phones

In addition to the convenience of using your own wireless phone, Cruise Ship Roaming provides a more affordable alternative to ship-based satellite phones that can cost as much as $13 per minute. Cruise Ship Roaming calls are $2.49 per minute plus toll. Toll charges to U.S.-based numbers are $.50 or less. Toll to phone numbers outside of the U.S. may exceed $.50 per minute.

How Cruise Ship Roaming works

Participating cruise ships have a cell site on board that is activated when the ship is at sea. As the ship approaches a port, the Cruise Ship Roaming service is turned off. If you wish to use your phone after that point, you are required to use the carrier serving the port you are visiting.

Who can use Cruise Ship Roaming?

Cruise Ship Roaming is available on Alltel phones and there is no extra software required. It is important, however, to make sure you have the latest roaming list on your wireless phone before you leave for your trip. To update your roaming list, dial *228 on your wireless phone from your home city.

Cruise Ship Roaming may not be available to Unlimited Rate Plan subscribers. The roaming list for these customers is automatically updated every two weeks. Cruise Ship Roaming covers voice usage only. Data usage (including BlackBerry and Office Sync), messaging (text/picture/video), and Touch2Talk are not available via Cruise Ship Roaming.

How to place a Cruise Ship Roaming call

For calls to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, dial 1 + area code + number. For calls to other countries, dial 0 + country code + number.

For more information on the technology behind Cruise Ship Roaming, visit www.cellularatsea.com.