What are the accessibility features available for the Samsung Hue II™?

Hearing Device Rating

  • M4


  • Nib on "5" key and/or "f" and "j" keys
  • Keypad Depression Feedback (audible only)
  • Different audio tones for power "on" and "off"
  • Distinct sounds for Function keys vs. number keys
  • Audible low battery warning
  • Audible volume level indicator
  • Backlight on display and keypad
  • Alternate format user manuals
  • Ringer ID to identify caller
  • Voice Dialing
  • GPS
  • Common symbols/icons for explanations
  • Plug Polarity


  • Vibracall Alert
  • Visual alerts- power on, off, low battery
  • Hearing aid coupling speaker
  • TTY
  • Variety of ring tones over various frequency ranges
  • Two way text messaging
  • Voice dialing


  • Plug polarity
  • T9 predictive texting
  • Unique sounds for Power on and Power off
  • Ringer ID for identifying callers
  • Voice Services menu- user can speak numbers to dial
  • Similar functions together
  • Manual scroll
  • iTAP capable
  • Common symbols/icons
  • Auto-redial when busy
  • "Automatic answer" and "any key answer"
  • Phone status info is spoken
  • GPS


  • Auto-redial feature when system is busy
  • "Automatic answer" or "any key answer"
  • Side indents and tabs for flip
  • No controls require pinching, twisting, or wrist rotation
  • Weight Less than 12 oz
  • Keypad Depression Feedback
  • Lanyard Pin for Key ring or wrist wrap
  • iTAP capable
  • Menu actions either reversible or able to have request for confirmation
  • Flat back on product for table top operation
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last updated 03/15/2011

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